Mission and Values

Our shared values continue to shape our original mission: to deliver superior risk-adjusted returns to investors while playing an effective role as agents of economic and social change in the markets and communities in which we invest. We adhere to principles that underpin our values: entrepreneurialism, accountability, collaboration, integrity and empathy.

Investor First
Above all we are returns driven, building lasting partnerships to deliver exceptional results.Above all we are returns driven, building lasting partnerships to deliver exceptional results.

Personal and Professional Integrity
Our reputation and integrity are key to our success, and we adhere to the highest, globally recognized professional and ethical standards.

Commitment to Value Creation
Pursuing profitable businesses is essential in order to remain relevant in our industry. We follow a relentless process to create significant long-term value for our investors in the businesses we manage, while retaining market leadership in our areas of expertise, through continuously outperforming our competitors.

Rewarding Professional Entrepreneurship
We encourage our people to have strong convictions and business creativity. We reward hard work and commitment through compensation linked to long-term reward structures.

What we belive
Transforming a concept into a company - and a company into a game-changer - requires more than capital. It takes energy, commitment, agility, focus, insight and experience.

Release Notes

Board of Directors

  • Eloy Carabias
  • Benjamin Haguel
  • Juan Carlos Garcia La Sienra
  • Porfirio Sánchez-Talavera

Eloy Carabias – Member of the Board (48)

Mr. Carabias, is founder and CEO of BC America, a wealth management advisory firm and investment vehicle. Additionally, Mr. EloyCarabias is a prominent Spanish Entrepreneur and Investor, managing his own assets in addition to his wealth management advisory for other Spanish families and individuals. Mr. Carabias has more than 20 years of asset management experience investing his own family’s and third parties’ resources in several countries within the region, such as the US, Mexico, Peru and Chile. Mr. Eloy Carabias has wide experience in the renewable energy sector, infrastructure and new technologies.

Benjamin Haguel – Member of the Board (38)

Mr. Haguel is presently the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of TCB PAY LTD., a provider of integrated payment solutions to small and medium-sized businesses world-wide. Mr. Haguel has served in this capacity since September, 2014. Mr. Haguel is also presently the Chief Executive officer of Taking Care of Business, LLC, a privately held investment company investing in the banking and technology industries. Mr. Haguel has served in this capacity since August, 2013. From June, 2013 to September, 2014, Mr. Haguel co-founded and managed SuitePay, an independent payment solutions provider specializing in global commerce. Mr. Haguel holds a Master's degree in Law from the La Sorbone School of Law in Paris, France.

Juan Carlos Garcia La Sienra – Member of the Board (44)

Mr. Garcia is presently the Chief Financial Officer & Acting Business Development Director of TCB PAY LTD., a provider of integrated payment solutions to small and medium-sized businesses world-wide.

Mr. Garcia has served in this capacity since June, 2015. Mr. Garcia is also presently a co-founder and President of NCUBO Capital, LLC, a provider of disbursement solutions for banking networks, closed-loop electronic payment networks, and merchant retail networks. Mr. Garcia has served in this capacity since August, 2010. From January 2011 until February 2015, Mr. Garcia was the Vice-President of Business Development and a co-founder of CorpoRed, a technology solutions company that allows you to sell products and services electronically, without a credit card, handling all operations by bank deposits. Mr. Garcia graduated from Anahuac University with a CPA (1997) and a Masters in Finance (1998).

Porfirio Sánchez-Talavera – CEO & Member of the Board (30)

Mr. Porfirio Sánchez-Talavera has also been Senior Advisor to Grupo Velatia, an international industrial and technology group based in Bilbao, Spain, which operates in the electrical, electronics, communication, security and aerospace sectors. Mr. Porfirio Sánchez-Talavera served in that capacity on June, 2011. Mr. Porfirio Sánchez-Talavera was also Senior Advisor of International Operations to Euskal Irrati Telebista, also based in Bilbao Spain. EiTB was the first telecom group in the Spanish Basque Country.

The EiTB group is also the leading media group in the Basque Country with five television channels and five radio stations. Running since 1982, EiTB has established itself as a major media organization, connecting with more than a million people every day. Mr. Porfirio Sánchez-Talavera has served as a Senior Advisor of EiTB on June, 2011. Mr. Porfirio Sánchez-Talavera from January, 2011, to December, 2013, served as the Assistant Vice-President for Mexico and Madrid for Haai Capital Corp. in Mexico and Spain, a Florida based international investment and advisory company. Mr. Sánchez-Talavera from 2005, to 2011, served as Assistant Vice-President for Banco Azteca in Mexico and Latin America, a recognized financial group focused in low income markets across the region. Mr. Porfirio Sánchez-Talavera is a graduate of Escuela Bancaria y Comercial (Mexico City), and the IPADE Business School (Mexico City) with a Certificate in Top Management for Private Equity companies.